Fear the Walking Dead Concludes its Third Season (A Review)

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(This is a review of Fear the Walking Dead season 3, so there will be spoilers!)

After enduring an exhausting amount of trouble throughout the season, from the ranch to the dam, Fear the Walking Dead concludes its third season with a mighty explosion.

The show has never reached the fame and glory as its original predecessor, The Walking Dead, but it has received its own fragments of fame by being viewed as a mediocre version of the original zombie hit. Fear the Walking Dead not only has a storyline that is too fast-paced but also lacks the character development its predecessor is highly recognized for. There is no doubt that season three is probably the best season of the show so far, but it still lacks the writing and character developments that would allow it to become as prominent as The Walking Dead.

The first two episodes of the season premiered on June 4 and started the season off by killing Travis Manawa, one of the main characters of the show. Fortunately, the main family, the Clarks, reunited after Nick spent the second half of season two away from Madison and Alicia; along with the introduction of Broke Jaw Ranch. Here we meet a new cast of characters which included the Otto family, consisting of Jeremiah, Jake, and Troy.

The Ottos and the Clarks were parallels of each other this season; with Jeremiah and Madison, Jake and Alicia, and Nick and Troy. These character parallels were an interesting touch to the show but lacked any further growth or significance by the end of the finale when these three new characters did not even survive to the end of the season.

Fear the Walking Dead has a habit of writing in new, interesting characters only to kill them off before the end of the season. While Jeremiah Otto was a character the audience had no problem with seeing killed off, his eldest son Jake was a different issue. Jake had the moral mind in that family, as Alicia has with the Clarks, and the audience watched him get killed off by a hoarde of walkers that his brother, Troy, led to the ranch (technically, Nick pushed him into the hoard but that was never brought up or mentioned ever again).

Another key character lost this season was Ofelia Salazar, who had potential to go through an epic development; from starting off as a meek character following her parents in the first season to becoming a fighter and full-out survivor with the help of Qaletaqa Walker. Instead the writers gave her a tragic storyline where she ended up being bitten by a zombie trying to save the ranchers and she dies of the infection only seconds before she is reunited with her father, Daniel Salazar, who was believed to be dead after the mid-season two finale events.

Now the finale of this series asked the real question for many uninterested fans who are watching this show: Is this show still worth watching going into season 4? The answer: I don't know.

The season finale included the deaths of even more characters introduced this season, including Lola and Efrain, the caretakers of the dam, and along with Troy Otto who, despite being mentally insane and responsible for the hundreds of deaths at Broke Jaw Ranch, was an interesting and complex character; before being killed by Madison, who whacked him in the head with a hammer. Nick then blows the dam up and watches as his family is dragged into the chaos and flows downstream. The season ended on a cliffhanger, basically, with Madison waking up on the shore surrounded by people gathering water from the released river.

The audience does not know what happens to Nick, Alicia, Daniel or Strand. Only Madison, notably the least-liked character on the show, is confirmed to have survived. The only other notable characters to have survived are Qaletaqa Walker and Crazy Dog, who appear to be starting a journey of their own to the north, which is a smart idea considering Mexico is nothing but a dried out desert with barely any supplies in the apocalypse.

The best thing about this finale, honestly, was seeing Travis again, even if it was in a dream sequence with Madison. Besides that, and a bit of suspense here and there, the audience was given a dramatic finale that did not sit well with the viewers of the show. Many fans were upset with Troy's death, despite him being a villain, and are questioning whether Strand and Daniel are going to survive the dam breaking down, since Alicia and Nick are most likely going to make it through to next season.

Besides the cliffhanger, people are questioning where the future of the show is headed. Are we going to follow Qaletaqa Walker and Crazy Dog as well as focusing on Madison, or are we not going to see these two characters for awhile? What is the crossover news all about and which character from which show will be making a surprise appearance?

Overall, the third season of Fear the Walking Dead was the show's best season, particularly the first half at least. While the season was the best so far, there is a definite amount of improvement this show needs to make.

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