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A Review of Wonder Woman (Spoiler-Free)

Ariel Barbera

Wonder Woman proved to be a blockbuster hit since its release on June 2, and has become one of DC's most notably successful films.

Fans of the titular heroine have been asking for a solo Wonder Woman film for years and were given a few scenes of Diana Prince in 2016's Batman v. Superman. The popular heroine was soon granted her own movie by the studio and fans have marked it as one of DC's finest films.

The movie begins on the island of Themyscira, where the audience is given am amazing overview of the amazon women and their culture. Princess Diana is introduced as a child and grows up to be one of the strongest warriors of the amazons, in spite of her mother's wishes.

While Diana trains to become the strongest of the warriors, a plane crashes off the coast of the island with the Germans following it nearby. Diana manages to save the pilot, who introduces himself as Steve Trevor, a spy for the American army, causing the princess and the rest of the amazons to realize the rest of the world is in trouble due to the works of Ares, the god of war. Princess Diana chooses to team up with Steve Trevor in order to save the world from the influences of Ares, and to ultimately end WWI.

The plot of the film was simple yet action-packed. Diana and the rest of the amazons descend from Greek Mythology and were given secret protection from Zeus after Ares took his wrath out on the rest of the gods. In order to save the world from Ares, Diana is the one determined to find him and end his influence of war.

Overall, the film is filmed with action, witty humor and has become an admired film from fans all across the world. Wonder Woman is solely about the amazon princess learning about the rest of the world she was hidden from, while simultaneously attempting to save it. She makes new friends, finds the meaning of love and saves hundreds of innocent civilians.

Wonder Woman is the super heroine the world needed. Some fans were worried the film would distribute the character in a sexist way, but were all relieved to see she was treated the same as any other male hero would have been treated in their own film: a hero doing their duty to save the world (or galaxy, in some cases), and being a good role model for many audience members.

So far the film has received a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes, an 8.1/10 score on IMDb and is currently soaring past $500 million at the box office.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr

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